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Get the most out of your eBay sponsored campaigns with the new eBay Promoted Listing module for Prestashop.

Prestalia, already an Official eBay partner, becomes GOLD Solution Provider certified provider for dedicated eBay solutions. A new Certified module will soon be available that will allow users to create and manage eBay promote listing campaigns directly from Prestashop.

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Create and manage Promoted eBay listings campaigns from Prestashop in just a few clicks

eBay Promoted Listings help highlight your items among billions of listings on eBay and get them seen by millions of active buyers, increasing their likelihood of selling.

The new Prestalia eBay Promoted Listing module is the new professional solution that allows you to easily and precisely create and manage sponsored campaigns on eBay starting from your Prestashop catalog / from products on your eBay account.

Thanks to the available options you will be able to accurately choose which products are most suitable to be sponsored by evaluating their marginality and quantity, for example. You will be able to update and edit campaigns by adding or deleting products in minutes without leaving Prestashop.

The new eBay Promoted Listing module integrates seamlessly with the Fastbay module, which, if installed, allows you to have your entire product catalog synchronized without any intervention. In case FastBay is not installed, it is still possible to retrieve and link existing products available on eBay by SKU with a dedicated option and use them to create new campaigns.

Key Features

In the first release the module already offers many options to quickly and flexibly manage your promoted listing campaigns and monitor their performance:

  • Create and manage your eBay PLS (Promoted Listing Standard) campaigns directly in Prestashop;
  • Use products already linked in Fastbay or link eBay products directly from the module via automatic SKU recognition;
  • Select products to include in your campaign thanks to advanced filters by category, suppliers, manufacturers, prices and quantities;
  • Manage the ad rate percentage based on the product price or use eBay’s suggested percentage if available
  • Evaluate profit margins on your products and decide which ones to choose
  • Edit campaigns, products and related data in a few clicks.
  • Manage Campaigns in Prestashop multishop environments and publish campaign with dedicated settings only in the marketplaces you want;
  • Check the statistics and KPIs of your campaigns (clicks, impressions, sales..) without leaving Prestashop;

Official release expected soon

The new module is in final Beta testing stage. It is scheduled to be officially unveiled and released during the month of November 2022.
We will inform all our customers via our media channels as soon as the module is available.


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