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Fastbay, new update coming in January 2024, find out what’s new

The Prestalia team is working on the new 6.6.2 version of Fastbay, scheduled for release in January 2024,
let’s discover together the new features of this important update.

eBay Category Mapping for Individual Products

The ability to associate individual products with primary or secondary eBay categories directly from the Prestashop product sheet has been introduced, using a handy integrated editor. This will ensure total control over the management of your catalog and to have “at a glance” information on the mapped eBay category:

gif ebay category wizard

Enhanced Products Table

There are also new features in the “Products” table, which now includes two additional columns to identify, during consultation, the path of the default Prestashop category of the product and the related eBay category.


Simplified Mapping of Specifications / Conditions

To simplify the operations of more “vertical” sellers, in light of the new features offered in the management of eBay categories in the new version, the section for mapping specifications and conditions has been revised and will now show on the left side the eBay category tree limited to only the categories mapped in the module.

It will be possible to consult, on the right side, the categories and any connected products in relation to the selected category, as well as, of course, to carry out the mapping of the data.

new mapping specifics fastbay

Those who update the module need not worry: all configurations already made will remain in place.

Support for Product Condition Descriptors

eBay has introduced new requirements for certain categories (currently Collectible Trading Cards) where it is mandatory to specify parameters related to the conditions of the products. Existing listings that do not meet these requirements may be closed by eBay starting from January 22, 2024.

Fastbay 6.6.2 will allow you to manage the mapping of these fields (including optional ones) directly from Prestashop, within the dedicated editor in the product tab.

Automatic K-Type Import for Auto Parts Sellers

Thanks to an agreement between eBay and TecDoc for the use of K-Type codes for used parts in eBay listings, we have been able to integrate a functionality for the automatic import and management of K-Type codes within e-commerce starting from OE spare part codes.

This will allow the generation of the vehicle compatibility table within the listings published on eBay.

N.B. This option requires the seller to have a TecDoc license.

Other News

There are also other minor new features, including integration with the new “v2” Prestashop product sheet, and a general streamlining of the codebase.

Don’t Miss the Chance to Update the Module!

To stay aligned with all the capabilities of the new versions, keep your version of Fastbay updated.

Those who already own the previous version and have an active 12-month ZEN upgrade option, can request the new release by opening a ticket in our support area:

If you do not have an active or expired ZEN option, you can purchase a new ZEN option:
Click here to activate the ZEN option

How to Update the Module

Once the .zip file is downloaded from our ticket area, you can proceed with the update.
For more information, you can refer to the guide found on


Want to Know More About FastBay?

Discover all the features of the Fastbay module that allows you to synchronize Prestashop and eBay in a few minutes. Click here for more information on Fastbay.


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