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FastBay 6.6.1: new update of Fastbay, discover all the news!

The new version of Fastbay for Prestashop offers a series of new features that make the plugin even more useful and faster, thanks to the compatibility with PS 8 / PHP 8 and new dedicated features.

Prestashop 8 / PHP 8 Compatibility

The most significant improvement in this version is full compatibility with Prestashop 8 and PHP 8. This means that the plugin is capable of functioning on recent versions of the CMS and the PHP programming language. This allows users to leverage the advanced features of Prestashop and make the most of new technologies, resulting in a faster and more secure user experience.

Deferred Image Loading

Another important enhancement in Fastbay 6.6.1 is the support for independently uploading images to eBay without product synchronization. This addresses an issue some sellers encountered with eBay thumbnails not being correctly downloaded by eBay. With this feature, users can upload images using a separate process, thus improving visibility and sales.

Eco-Tax Submission for eBay France

In addition, Fastbay 6.6.1 offers support for submitting eco-tax products to comply with the new regulations of eBay France “EPR.” This feature, combined with account data completion, enables sellers to fulfill tax and regulatory obligations related to ecology and the environment, which have become increasingly important in the global market.

Other Enhancements

Among other features of Fastbay 6.6.1 are increased loading speed, full support for updated eBay specifications, improvements in feed management during bulk submission, and enhanced plugin stability. Overall, this new version of Fastbay is a significant step forward for Prestashop users looking to integrate their online store with eBay.

Fastbay is already one of the most popular and reliable plugins for Prestashop, and with version 6.6.1, it becomes even more useful and functional. With full compatibility with the latest versions of Prestashop and PHP, users can utilize the plugin with greater flexibility and power. The independent product image uploading feature and eco-tax product submission support are particularly beneficial for sellers looking to improve their presence on eBay. In general, Fastbay 6.6.1 represents a significant advancement for the plugin and its users.

The update will be available soon!

Important: The new version of FastBay is only compatible with Prestashop 1.7 and above.

To stay aligned with all the potential of the new versions, keep your Fastbay version updated.

If you already have the previous version and have active ZEN 12-month upgrade option, you can request the new release by opening a ticket in our support area:

If you don’t have an active or expired ZEN option, you can purchase a new ZEN option:
Click here to activate the ZEN option

How to Update the Module

Once you have downloaded the .zip file from our ticket area, you can proceed with the update.
For more information, you can refer to the guide available at


Want to Learn More about FastBay?

Discover all the features of the Fastbay module that allows you to synchronize Prestashop and eBay in minutes. Click here for more information about Fastbay.


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