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AmazonSync 2.1.2: new shipping templates mapping system and Turkey support

A new version of the AmazonSync module to connect Prestashop with Amazon is available, version 2.1.2. New functionalities to add shipping templates for category and product, Turkey marketplace support and additional optimizations.

New seller’s shipping templates mapping system

The AmazonSync module for Prestashop already allowed to configure shipping templates that would be associated to products, but this operation could be performed creating ranges based on price or weight only.
In this new version you will be able to fill in all the templates currently used by the seller, so to associate them to a single category or product. This will let the merchant properly replicate the situation currently present on Seller Central.
Follow the explanation provided in the manual to learn how to configure them.

Send templates even when using price/quantity only update type

Thanks to a new selector, if the seller chose to perform a quantity/price only sync, it will be possible to send the shipping template anyway. This allows you to not have this information removed from products already present on Seller Central: following some recent changes on Amazon’s side, in fact, this element could be lost if not properly added to the product.

Tramite un nuovo selettore, se il venditore ha scelto di effettuare una sincronizzazione in modalità solo prezzo o solo quantità, sarà possibile inviare comunque anche il template di spedizione. Questo fa sì che tale dato non venga rimosso dai prodotti già presenti su Seller Central: a seguito di recenti cambiamenti lato Amazon, infatti, poteva capitare che questa informazione venisse persa se non indicata in maniera esplicita.

Turkey support

Amazon’s constant growth in new markets let sellers have new countries to sell to and to receive orders from. This AmazonSync’s update, the Prestalia’s Prestashop connector fro Amazon, adds support to Turkey marketplace, that will now be added to the list of already supported European countries.

Improved security

The new module’s version adds new security systems for the ajax webcalls to the API services using dedicated controllers, in line with the latest Amazon’s and Prestashop’s specifications.

How to update the module

You can request the updated Prestashop AmazonSync module by opening a ticket on the dedicated Prestalia’s support center. Provide the order’s reference number or the respective information for ZEN option or valid Business Care you will receive the most recent package.
Should you not have a valid support period, you can purchase it and renew it on our shop at the this link.

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