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Fastbay update (v6.5.4) – New functionality

Coming soon a new update for Prestashop Fastbay module that introduces a new feature useful to all merchants, let’s see it together.

From release 6.5.4 Fastbay introduces the possibility to check if one or more customers whose data appear in your e-commerce (as the order has been “downloaded” from the module), has requested to eBay the cancellation of the same from the platform, summarizing the cancellation requests in a dedicated table that will show the eBay username, the order id of the marketplace and that of your site, the customer id of the site and the email of the latter.

This will allow you to easily delete his data from your site, in line with current legislation on the protection of personal data.

Goods of any value sold by a non-EU seller and shipped from inventory stored in the EU. Sellers may still have EU VAT The verification operation takes place every 24 hours by sending coded strings containing the eBay username (no sensitive data will be involved in verification operations)

Interesting news also in the management of the eBay specifications : the module will now show in yellow those that eBay allows to send as variations and will send in a transparent way to the user an attribute with the same name,
allowing also to map the specification for products that are lacking of it.

Specifications that only accept eBay values are also now marked with an asterisk.

The order download procedure has also been renewed, improved and more comprehensible in the messages linked to failed downloads and with the introduction of a new function capable of intercepting any “crash” in the procedure, showing the error log on the screen:

It’s also now possible to download orders with Prestashop tax rules according to the eBay country of the sale : this is to allow those who have configured their website OSS-compliant , to get a correct invoicing.

There is also a new “debug” tab where you can manage all the debugging features of the module, from reading the last eBay XML request/response, to managing blocked jobs, to the ability to “bypass” the execution of code from other modules when downloading eBay orders.

There are also several “technical” new features, including full compatibility with Prestashop, an update in the sync procedure for products with variations to align the saving times with those without variations, updating the product modification date when downloading eBay orders, and other optimizations to improve the user experience with the module.


In order to stay aligned with all brand new module features, keep your Fastbay copy up to date.

If you already have the previous version and a valid 12 month Zen upgrade license, you can download the new version from your account in our webshop. Alternatively you can request it for free by opening a ticket in our support area :

If you are not entitled to upgrade, however, you can purchase the new module directly on or renew your Zen option by clicking here.


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