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Shopify Trovaprezzi App now available

Prestalia creates the first official Shopify App which allow to synchronize your product catalog with the Trovaprezzi price comparator.

Trovaprezzi feed generator

Increase your sales by synchronizing your products on the Trovaprezzi price comparator. This powerful tool allows you to increase your traffic and earnings and attract highly qualified visitors.

The feed generator for Trovaprezzi allows Shopify merchants to increase sales by generating the required data feed with a single click.


  • Create Trovaprezzi CSV file directly from your backend
  • View last generation report
  • Updates can be launched automatically or with 1-click update feature.
  • Obtain the Trovaprezzi feed link

Why do you need a Trovaprezzi CSV generator?

Our application will generate the required feed for Trovaprezzi to index all the products on your site. You can generate it with a click and make your products appear on the Trovaprezzi website and you will immediately start getting incoming visits and increase your sales.

Remember that in order to publish your products on Trovaprezzi you will need a valid subscribtion. Find out more

How to purchase / install the app

Buy Export to Trovaprezzi on Shopify App Store

If you have any question, do not hesitate to get in touch with us


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