New Shopify app for the Trovaprezzi price comparison tool

Price comparators are literally taking over on the Internet, hence the need to create the first app for Shopify to export your product catalog to Trovaprezzi.

plugin shopify per esportare su trovaprezzi

An e-commerce manager is certainly a stubborn user of search engines to see what results are at the top of the SERPs for those interested keywords, with which customers or potential customers could come to buy direcly on our site.

However, it is now incredibly evident that this activity will clash with the presence in the SERPs of the so-called “price comparators” or those generalist portals dedicated to online shopping, which conquer the first positions on organic research thanks to the aggregation of a very large number of products / catalogs from hundreds of shops , thanks to their own search technologies.

Why should a user use a price comparator?

Users use them because they allow to find the product they are looking for and at the best conditions (generally the lowest price!) And also because they are important for the seller in business because this means that their online store is visible!

Prestalia Team, leader in the development of Prestashop modules, has decided to release new apps for Shopify to generate data feeds for the most used price comparators:

The following shopify apps are in our Roadmap will be available shortly:

and many other are under development !

The aim is simple: increase your sales by synchronizing your products on the best price comparison portals.

Finally, even merchants who use the Shopify ecommerce platform will be able to export to Kelkoo.

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